5/1 NY Yankees 6 vs Chicago White Sox 7

Friday on the way home Kasey was saying she might suggest going to the game today if D was feeling better (he had teeth pulled Thursday) since he won’t be able to do anything after next Tuesday (surgery for Prostate Cancer). I remember thinking, “Well if they do I will stay home so I can do some things around the house and get some work done on the computer.”

Saturday CIMG0035.jpgmorning D knocked on my door, “You want to go the game with M and Sarah and me?” Did is stick to my plan? Or did I think, “Sarah needs someone to show her how to behave at ball games and how to cheer for her team.” So off to the game we went.
D bought 4 tickets, 2 each in different sections. He and Kasey were overlooking 1st base and Sarah and I were overlooking right field and the bullpen. Main difference they were in Grandstand (shade) and we were in Terrace (no shade). 
Javier Vasquez was starting pitcher and he was not good. The bullpen was also not good. The team rallied, but then somebody gave up a home run with men on base. Swisher hit his first at home home run and made some great catches, but it just wasn’t enough. There were some nice things, though, the two older gentlemen  sitting next to us complemented me on my NYY logo tattoo (I put on a new one right above my butterfly) and asked me if my nail polish was Yankee blue. I also got an education in old men’s health problems (eww) not by them talking to me, I could overhear them talking to each other. One talked about the time he was taken out of Yankee stadium by ambulance and as they were leaving asked, “If I get done at the E.R. before the game ends, can I come back?” I would have asked the same thing. 
CIMG0017.jpgIt was a bright sunny day and we were sitting right in the sun. I was wearing tank top and shorts and forgot to put on my sunscreen. I got very hot and sunburned. My legs got very sunburned and my back and shoulders here, you can see, except for where the temporary tattoo was. Today I asked Nick to spray Solarcaine on it and when he saw the NY he cracked up.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote