4/30 NY Yankees 6 vs Chicago White Sox 4


I love going to games. I really do, even if it means I get home at midnight and eat all the wrong stuff and drink too much (although for me any more then 1 beer is too much). One thing that I like is that the Yankees win when I go. Seriously they do, every time. I wear my dangly NYY earrings when I go. I like going to games so much I even got a New York Yankee logo tattoo. OK its a temporary tattoo.
Tonight was no exception, even with Chicago White Sox taking the lead early and sitting in front of a drunk stupid b—- girl. Besides being drunk and stupid, she knew nothing about baseball or the players and she spilled beer on Kasey’s head. She is the reason I don’t take my knife to games.
It was a great time, on the way home Kasey was talking about maybe coming tomorrow (Saturday) if D is feeling up to it (he had teeth pulled Thursday), since he won’t feel like doing much for a while after his surgery next Tuesday.
Below is a brief recap.
1st inning: CWS got a 3 run homer.
NYY: Derek singles, Mark walked, Derek to 2nd, Alex doubles, Derek scores. Robbison Cano (he is red hot right now) singles and Mark scores. End of the inning score: CWS 3, NYY 2
2nd or 3rd inning, I thought Alex had tagged Lucy, it looked like it from where I say, the umpire said no, Lucy scored, umpires fault. End of the inning score: CWS 4, NYY 2
Nothing from either team until: 
5th inning: The Yankees had a run down, Derek caught the ball, runner going to 3rd, so he threw it to Alex, runner heads back, Alex throws to Robbie at second, runner starts back to 3rd see Alex not at 3rd base, didn’t look ahead to 3rd to see Derek at third, Robbie to Derek, runner out. 
NYY: Brett Gardner singled, stole 2nd, then Derek hit a home run. You might not think the stolen base was useful but it is, cause it really annoys the pitcher. We like it when the other team’s pitcher gets annoyed. CWS 4, NYY 4
7th inning: Alfredo Aceves comes in to pitch for Andy.
NYY: Francisco Cervelli was HBP, Brett Gardner singles, Derek Jeter hits a triple, Frankie and Brett score. End of inning score: CWS 4, NYY 6
Damaso Marte and Joba Chamberlain also pitched, then Mariano for the 9th, end of the ballgame.
Robinson Cano finished April with .400 batting average and currently has a 9 game hitting streak.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote