Some things I forgot

This always happens when I don’t blog for a day or two, or if I rush through my blog post. I forget things. So I came back to talk about them.

Saturday, May 29, 2010: 11    13

I watched this game, it was memorable for two reasons. In the third inning Alex Rodriguez hit a line ball that hit the Indians starter in the head. I didn’t actually see it, I heard the announcers say it and looked at the TV in time to see Alex approach the mound, look down at the pitcher and say a bad word. I read his lips. Joe Girardi later said the most scary thing for him was, he was looking at Huff and he wasn’t moving. I was doing the same thing as the camera was on him, then I saw his lips moving and when he was put on the stretcher there was a smattering of applause, he raised his hand and gave a thumbs up. And the crowd have him a nice ovation. Later he sent this message on Twitter:

@DHuff11 I’d like to thank the Yankees team doctors and our training for making sure i was ok. I’d also like to thank the NY…

The link is to his Facebook and the message goes on to thank the security staff for taking care of his family and Alex for contacting him “one class act”. I have to say, I think this young man is “one class act” also. A certain White Sox outfielder could take lessons from him.

The other thing that makes Saturday’s game memorable is that at bottom of the 6th the Yankees were ahead by 5 runs. Then in the 7th inning Cleveland scored 7 runs. Not kidding, then another in the 8th, so now the Yankees were behind by 3 and then scored one run in the ninth, then with men on base, A-Rod struck out. (This is how I remember it, if you remember if differently, please leave a comment.) 

Kasey said, the Indians didn’t win this game, the Yankees lost it. At least now the boys are hitting the ball.

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5/30 NY Yankees 7 vs Cleveland Indians 3 ~ Came back to win

A.J. Burnett was not good A.J. today, he was not bad A.J. today, he was WOW A.J. today. Pitched 8 innings only giving up 3 runs. Then in the 7th inning the bats woke up, with Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner on base Derek hit a double, 2 runs scored. Then Granderson gets on base and Mark Teixeira hits a home run, 5 runs scored for the inning making the score 5-3 NYY. In the eight innning Juan Miranda got Cano in and Cervelli hit a sacrifice fly to get Nick Swisher to score. Then Mariano in for the save. Finale score NYY 7, CLE 3.

So I was just kind of watching, Indians were up 3 runs, so I wasn’t worried, the only thing I was worried about was the silly thing about them not hitting home runs when I’m watching, then I saw Tex hit a sweet shot to the crowd. Yay I’m not a jinx (not that I ever believed in them, jinxes that is). It was fun watching Swish run into home plate with Brett ‘chasing’ him. Swish slid across home plate and didn’t even have time to get up just turned and lifted his arms up in the ‘hes safe!’ gesture.

But he got hurt, hit the wall going for a long fly ball, that he missed, Curtis snagged it and threw it in, didn’t hurt us in the end, and he is saying his fine. But then he said that about his bicep earlier.

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Augie Nieto

I just heard this on my iPod and on a whim, decided to post the lyrics. It doesn’t really have anything to do with baseball, just a reference to Augie catching Lou Gehrig rounding 3rd. Augie Nieto has ALS, that is what the line means. It is a beautiful song by Five-for-Fighting.

We went to a concert of his and John Ondrasik talked about meeting Augie and what an uplifting experience it was. I with I could remember more. Here is a link to a website with more information about Augie. Augie’s Quest, he’s looking for a cure.
Lyrics | Five For Fighting lyricsAugie Nieto lyrics

5/26 NY Yankees 3 @ Minnesota Twins 2 ~ sad Bella :'(

Started with Tuesday’s game and 6 scoreless innings, then a rain delay, then a suspended game. Since they played x number of innings, which I don’t know the cut off number the game was just picked up and finished. Derek Jeter hit a home run his first at bat. It turned out to be a game winning home run. I wasn’t watching, I was on the train. 

In the second game Andy Pettitte pitched a ‘gem’ and Nick Swisher hit a home run. I was also not watching, I was at church. This is getting depressing, I might have to stop watching.
So now the Yankees are 28-18, .609 and the next game they play is on May 27 at Minnesota, 8:10P
If I seem a little subdued, its because my friend’s husband is an idiot. He was supposed to make a reservation for her and I to spend tomorrow night in the city. He made the reservation for tonight, which I didn’t realize until I looked at the e-mail tonight when I got it to put in my bag. The reason I’m so piZZed? The rooms are being paid for with my credit card, so now I have two nights in a Manhattan hotel charged on my credit card when we are only staying one night. That is if the stupid girl got my information right, I am waiting for the e-mail confirmation.
I have to take partial responsibility for not checking it right away. But then, Kasey should have checked it too. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, shoot him or myself. If there are no more blog posts, you’ll know I decided on shooting someone.

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5/23 NY Yankees 4 @ NY Mets 6 (Why I'm Afraid to Look at my Twitter News Feed)

I left my phone downstairs while I was upstairs watching the game. When I came downstairs I looked at the number of tweets. 52 tweets. That is not even everybody on Twitter that I follow. So now I am afraid to open my Twitter account. Does anyone think I am stupid for believing that with that many unread tweets my computer will explode? How about my head?

Yankees were down 6 runs by the 7th inning, 7th inning they scored 1 run, 9th inning 3 runs. So they rallied, too little too late again. Kasey says she figured it out, they are afraid of getting hit by pitches. I think they are just a little worn out, not used to playing everyday and have to play 17 or 18 days in a row. One might argue that they had a day off in there, but the next day they had to pitch a double header!

I sincerely believe that when they get their second wind, they will be fine.

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5/22 NY Yankees 3 @ NY Mets 5 (NYY are breaking my ♥)

I still love the Yankees, but lately I feel let down. I know this is just May and not time to panic, but guys, the Mets? You lost to the Mets! I certainly hope tomorrow everyone has stopped sleepwalking and remembered how to play.

Feeling the Urgency to Win, the Mets Go Out and Do It

It’s All Shown in the Core

Yankees can’t go to bat for Hughes

Mets still stands for My Entire Team Suxks

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5/21 NY Yankees 2 @ NY Mets 1 (or Who Is Kevin Russo?)

I tweeted that, it was what my boss said when I told him Kevin Russo had been called down. I couldn’t answer him, I hadn’t heard the name before, or if I had, it was such a brief occurrence I didn’t remember.

After tonights game, everybody knows his name. Beside making some decent catches in the field, he also got his first major league hit. Oh and he also knocked in the winning run. 
Javier Vasquez pitch 6 shut out innings. He was doing great, I can imagine him in the dugout saying, hey guys, I’m doing my job, you want to hit the freakin’ ball and score some runs? Although I am sure he didn’t. He also ‘laid down 2 successful sacrifice bunts’. Then he left the game, on the second bunt he got hit in the hand. THE HAND! The most important part of a pitchers body! It was x-rayed and his finger is not broken. Hopefully he won’t miss his next start, since he appears to be getting his rhythm and control back.
Click on this link for a recap by

Yankees finish what Vazquez starts

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5/20 NY Yankees 6 vs Tampa Bay Rays 8

Another up and down game ending in defeat. Andy Pettitte gave up 7 runs, Chan ho Park gave up 1, the boys rallied, but is was too little too late. Yankees standing right now is 25-16, .610, 5.0 out of first place. Still in second place, but Toronto is creeping up on us. However, it is May, we have June, July and August before we need to panic. Next series is an inter-league against the ONYT.


Since I have decided to not blog about this game and just move on, here is a video I found. I just love watching this cute little boy.

Its not all bad, my sweet Nicky () is back and says he has no pain in his arm.

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5/19 NY Yankees 6 vs Tampa Bay Rays 10

If I had blogged yesterday the title would have been 5/18 NY Yankees 6 vs Boston Red Sox 7, it was as painful a game as the game before, but with no happy ending for the Yankees or their fans. I had decided to be like Mariano, not in terms of pitching, I can’t pitch to save my life, and I know this because I pitched in high school. I was awful. I had decided to ‘close the door’ on this game and look forward to the next game. It is a little harder to do that two games in a row.

As bad as this score looks, it was much worse the beginning of the 9th inning. Yankees scored 4 runs in the 9th inning. It was an exciting rally, but it didn’t last long enough.

To add injury to insult, Posada has a fracture on the bottom of his foot. Since I don’t want to talk about the game, which I missed since I was at church, I will just run down the list of injuries.

Aceves, Alfredo (P) ~ 15-day DL ~ TBD ~ Lower back discomfort ~ Placed on DL May 12.
Granderson, Curtis (CF) ~ 15-day DL ~ Possibly late May ~ Grade 2 strain of left groin .
Johnson, Nick (1B) ~ 15-day DL ~ August ~ Inflamed tendon in wrist ~ Surgery May 18.
Posada, Jorge (C) ~ 15-day DL ~ June 20 ~ Right foot injury ~ Received MRI on May 19
Swisher, Nick (RF)() ~ Day-to-day ~ TBD ~ Left bicep strain ~ Missed 4th straight game 5/19

So we have 5 players out and Marcus Thames stepped on a bat and turned his ankle. Nothing broken. Next game is against the Rays, then Yankees play the Mets. Thank goodness.

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5/17 NY Yankees 11 vs Boston Red Sox 9

If this was not the best game I have watched so far this season, it was certainly the most exciting. After being up by 5 runs, the Yankees lost the lead in the eighth inning. No I am not kidding. I watched as the Red Sox chipped away at our lead, 1 run in the fifth, 3 runs in the 6th to Yankees 1 run, 1 run in the seventh, Yankees were still ahead by 1 run, then in the ninth inning the unthinkable happened, someone gave up a 3-run home run. I was sick, I was heartbroken, I was ready to turn off the T.V., blaming myself for watching (see last post). It was painful. I looked at Nicky (my sweet Nicky, who is out with a bicep strain) looking so sad in the dugout, not being able to play and help his team. 


Boston is thinking they have won the game, Papelbon came in for the ninth inning, one out, Gardner comes up, gets on base, I don’t remember if it was a walk or a hit, I think it was a hit, then Alex comes up, hits a home run to tie up the game, Boston starts thinking they would have to keep playing, then Frankie gets hit by Papelbon, and with two outs,  Marcus Thames comes through with a HOME RUN! I was jumping and screaming and tweeting! It was so so sweet, all the boys came running out of the dugout, made sure the path was clear to home plate, then proceeded to jump all over him, and was there pie? Well of course there was! Yes I know, this is Mark Teixeira, its the only pie picture I could find.

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