4/29 NY Yankees 4 @ Baltimore Orioles 0

I didn’t watch the game last night. I tried to watch the Encore broadcast, it started at midnight, so I didn’t see it all. I didn’t see it because I had to go to church, on the way I stopped at the drug store to get the Sports Illustrated with the ‘Core Four’ on the front. They didn’t have it, just the NFL Draft issue and swimsuit issue. Nick was with me so I told him after we had to go to Barnes and Noble, which we did, and they didn’t have it either. They did have “Maple Street Press ~ Yankees 2010 Annual”. So I picked it up. This morning I picked up the Sports Illustrated at Grand Central Terminal.


Started this post while watching the game. I turned the TV on to see Robinson Cano hitting a home run. This was after he made an amazing defensive play. He hit two home runs one in the 4th inning and one in the 8th. In addition to that, in the 6th inning he hit a double, then Marcus Thames hit a double and Robbie scored. He is certainly hot this April. 
A.J. pitched eight complete innings, three hits, no runs, one walk and four strikeouts, he threw 116 pitches, 77 of them were strikes.  A really impressive outing. 
Tomorrow Kasey and I are going to be at the game, that makes the third game we will have gone to this season. Andy Pettitte is starting pitcher. 

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4/28 NY Yankees 8 @ Baltimore Orioles 3

Not really doing a post tonight, didn’t watch the game, and now have to sleep. Just some links to some articles. 

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