I am obsessed

as I am sure anybody who reads this blog knows by now. I also have obsessions inside my obsessions. For instance, I am obsessed with baseball, and every time something happens (Alex runs over a pitcher’s mound, Teixeira runs over a catcher) and people start talking about it, then I have to read everything I can find on it. I was even reading the California papers today. My whole thought on what happened with Teixeira and the catcher is if the manger (Angel’s) says it was a clean play and the catcher says Teixeira wouldn’t intentionally hurt him, since he knows Teixeira, being a former teammate and all what business does anybody else have passing judgement? Of course they do though, which is why I get obsessed.  Trying find out every little detail I can. 

In another example, I was telling my boss about the Yankee show I watched on Elston Howard, of course he wasn’t really interested in what I had to say (since he is a total sh*t) and then told me that Elston Howard was the only African American Yankee ever. Of course he was kidding, but I spent the rest of the afternoon racking my brain to come up with every African American Yankee player I could think of. 
By the way the show was very interesting, if you ever get the chance you should watch it. Yankeeography: Elston Howard