4/21 NY Yankees 3 @ Oakland Athletics 1

I am sitting here watching the game and my mind is completely blank, no idea how to start this post. It is the eighth inning and Phil Hughes has not given up a hit and struck out 10. He has retired 20 straight batters, oh as I typed that they got a hit, but only cause they hit the pitcher. Now I feel guilty. I’m sorry Hughes! Now that the no-hitter is gone he is concentrating on winning the game, Yankees are only 2 runs ahead and there is a runner on base.

Hughes is done, Joba is in and gets an out straight off. Inning over no runs for the A’s.

Yankees get a run in the top of the 9th, an insurance run for Mariano. Granderson was on second and Gardner batted him in. His ball went over the head of the third baseman, it was sweet. If the Yankees win tonight, they will have won their first 5 series.

And the Yankees win. Good-night.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote