4/20 NY Yankees 7 @ Oakland Athletics 3

Game in progress, 2 outs, Mark hits a ground ball double, Alex and Robbie walked. The Yankees seem to always get going when there are two outs. Posada up, not what you want with the bases loaded and he singles and the Yankees score. 3 runs after the second out. Those pesky Yankees. 

Javier Vasquez is starting with a 3 run lead. And he makes it through the inning, whew, I was worried, I so want him to do good. And in the end of the 2nd inning he gets out of a jam, catches the line drive and throws to Mark. Double play. He has now made it through the 3rd inning, and he fielded the ball correctly, not like the A’s player that let Jorge get to 1st base. 

@BloggingBombers says the fourth inning will be the telling one. It is starting now. So far Javy is pitching a shut out. 

Fifth inning, Johnson and Teixeira walked, A’s bring in their 2nd pitcher and Alex hits a 3 run home run. I haven’t been talking much about offense, cause they haven’t been doing much, it looks like whoever said Alex’s home runs comes in bunches was right! And Javier makes it through the sixth inning, allows a home run, makes the double play. NYY 6, A’s 1.

Just showed a clip of Chad Gaudin and Edwar Ramirez getting their rings. Both are now sporting some facial hair. Edwar is a skinny little thing.

Holy miscommunication! The pop up fly just fell between Curtis, Robbie and Derek. And then a home run, so now its NYY 6, OAK 3. That does it for Javier Vasquez. A two run home run, but one of those home runs was not his fault. 

The home plate umpire got hit by a foul ball off the bat of Kouzmanoff and just took himself out of the game. Game delay, then Boone Logan finishes the inning, still 6-3 Yankees. So Jorge owes his two RBIs to sloppy defense by the A’s, as everyone says, can’t make mistakes when playing the Yankees, they will make you play, NYY 7-3. Then Logan loads up the bases with 2 outs, Joba comes in, next 3 batters he faces he strikes out. Never thought I would say this, but good job by Joba.

For the ninth inning Damaso Marte is coming in. He walks the first batter and then Mariano Rivera comes in, its a non-save situation, so I don’t know what they call it. Yankees got 7 runs on 5 hits. The big play of the game was Alex’s 3 run home run, and when he hit it, you could see by the look on his face that he knew it. 

Now I have to go to bed.

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