4/18 NY Yankees 5 vs Texas Rangers 2

Two historic events happened in baseball on Saturday, April 17.

Unhittable Ubaldo: Rockies ace Jimenez fires franchise first

The first no-hitter in Rockies franchise history. The team was playing the Braves, today the Braves won. He threw 128 pitches, several over 100 mph.

Unbelievable: Mets top Cards in 20th

Not the first time the Mets have played a game that reached 20 innings, the first time they won a game that went 20+ innings.

This is going to be another short post about the game, Andy Pettitte pitched 8 complete innings, 107 pitches, giving up just 2 runs in the 3rd inning. Mark Teixeira hit a home run in the third inning (his first of the season) and Jorge hit one in the seventh. Ramiro Pena was in for Derek Jeter and he got 2 RBIs also in the third inning, the other run was in the first inning. I wasn’t paying real close attention to the game since we had company.

So far this season the Yankees have won each of their series, the last one against Texas was a sweep.

Tuesday they will be in California, playing against the Oakland Athletics who are first in their division. Javier Vasquez is the starting pitcher. Hopefully, like his second start was better then his first, this one will be better then the last. I said to Kasey, maybe if he on the road, he’ll think the boos are from the opposing teams. During the eighth inning the pitching coach came out to the mound after Andy walked a batter. Someone wondered what he was saying to him, I said, “He’s saying ‘Andy, Joe West just called and he wants you to speed up the inning.'” Kasey laughed making a comment about how much mileage we’re going to get out of that quote.

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