4/16 New York Yankees 5 vs Texas Rangers 1

C.C. Sabathia pitched tonight and his pitching was better then the other night when he almost pitched a no-hitter. Unfortunately, there was a rainstorm that ended play after the sixth inning. It was declared a rain shortened game and the win was given to the Yankees.

Unfortunately I got home late and so missed all but the last run by Yankees, which was Gardner, and there was no way they were going to get out Speedy Brett.

Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano have gotten at least one hit in all 10 games so far.

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4/15 New York Yankees 6 vs Los Angeles Angels 2

I was not able to watch the Yankees play the Angels on April 14 because it was day game and I have to work, I was following the tweets on Twitter and was upset that the crowd was booing Javier Vasquez. My personal opinion is you never boo your own team and your own team players. I looked at how he did that game, and he gave up 4 runs in 5-⅓ innings. Which is not bad, so it seems the crowd is booing because of what happened in 2004 when he threw the pitch that the Ortne player hit for a grand slam. So some blame him for losing the series. But he didn’t, the Yankees were up by three and then lost four, he didn’t pitch for all four games. It just makes me mad. Oh, they lost that game too, 3-5

Well on to Thursday’s game, Kasey and I had tickets. She came from home and I came from work and we met at the stadium. We were bleacher creatures for the game! It was hat night and we each got our hats when we came in. Got food and headed up to our seats. Saw someone come with with an Angels shirt with #55, Matsui on it. After he sat down he pulled out a Yankee jersey with, yes #55 on it.

Two things confused me, one was all the players were wearing #42, every single one! It was Jackie Robinson day besides being hat day. The other thing was I thought the crowd was booing Phil Hughes, you already know how I feel about that, then I realized they weren’t booing they were “Hughing”.

Something I forgot to mention when I was writing about the home opener. When Dave Robertson gave up the grand slam (which was really my fault, when the bases were loaded I turned to Kasey and said, “Even if they hit a home run it won’t kill us, we’re up by 6.”) and everyone went to the mound, normally Jeter is right up there with them, he wasn’t there, he was standing in his spot, smoothing out the base path with his cleats. It was kind of weird, when Alex came back to 3rd base he looked at Derek, like what are you doing man? Thursday he was doing the same thing, whenever he was in the field and not playing, he was smoothing out the dirt. That and sticking his hand in his pocket like he lost a penny or something. Now why would you say I am obsessed with Derek Jeter? Have you seen my desk?

Robinson Cano hit two home runs, very appropriate since he was named after Jackie Robinson and he wears #24 in his honor. Derek Jeter also hit a home run and had an RBI double. Curtis Granderson hit a triple with Marcus Thames on base so he got an RBI also and scored a run on a double by Derek.

I know I am not very good at summarizing games, I forget to write things down and then can’t remember them when I type up my posts. I tend to write up defense and forget offense. Anyway Hughes and the offense kept the Angels to 2 runs. One was a home run by Matsui in the 2nd inning.

Hughes was credited with the win, but if you want to know the truth, Kasey and I should get the credit since the Yankees win every time we are at a game. We decided that the Yankee fans should pay for us to go to all the home game since we are good luck for the Yankees. My pay pal e-mail is …

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