The New Yankee Stadium

Everyday I see it, in the morning, looking out the window of the train as it comes into the city, I look for the bat, sticking up into the sky, once I see it I know the stadium is close. And in the evening when I am going home, I make sure to sit on the right side of the train so I can see it. First there was one, then there was two, now there is one and a fraction of another.

There are a lot of great memories in the old Yankee stadium, none are mine, I didn’t go to any games in the old stadium. That is probably why, when one of my co-worker’s insists on calling Yankee Stadium the ‘fake’ Yankee Stadium, I don’t get it. I happen to like the new stadium, and someone, who has been to games in both, says he doesn’t think there is a ‘bad’ seat anywhere in the new stadium.

In 10-½ hours I will be walking into Yankee Stadium to watch the ring ceremony and the home opener. I have never seen the championship rings handed out and I have never been to an opening day game. I am really excited! I can’t wait, but now I have to get some sleep.