4/11 New York Yankees 7 @ Tampa Bay Rays 3

The Yankees have won both of their first series and are now on their way home (finally! In fact, by now they might actually be in New York).

A.J. was the starting pitcher today, and he didn’t get off to as good a start as C.C. giving up two runs in the first inning. After a visit from the pitching coach and Jorge, he seemed to settle down or focus better or whatever you want to call it and didn’t give up another run the rest of time he was pitching. He pitched through the 7th inning. Joba came in for the eighth and gave up a run, then Mariano was in for the 9th, end of the ballgame.
The Yankees hit back immediately with a run in the 2nd inning courtesy of Curtis Granderson, he hit a ground ball to right field that brought Alex in from 2nd base. They continued to hit and drive up the pitch count but had no more runs until the 6th inning when Cano got on base and Jorge hit a home run. Yes there was more screaming and jumping up and down from the “teenage girls”. I almost dropped my phone, Nick said, “You’re going to break something.” He was looking at my phone and probably thinking about how I dropped it when we were in the city on Thursday. I’m glad he’s not going to be there at the stadium, maybe I won’t tweet during the game. Jorge’s 2 run homer was followed up by Curtis getting on base, stealing second (the Grandyman can!), advancing to third on a hit by Swisher and then running home on a wild pitch, it was interesting to watch, I don’t remember who was batting, but as soon as the pitch went wild, he backed away from the base.
Seventh inning Alex Rodriguez hit a double, allowing Derek and Mark to score. In the bottom of the inning, Curtis Granderson made a catch, a rather difficult one, the umpire said the ball bounced before he caught it. It did not, a blown call and Curtis was robbed! I started poking holes in my umpire doll(kidding). It didn’t make a difference, since the inning ended with no runs for the Rays, but it makes me mad. Then Nick hit a home run, his first of the season.

A couple of observations, (1) the Tampa Bay Rays are wearing powder/baby/Columbia blue uniforms on Sundays this season, don’t know why but ewww. (2) The announcer at the Tropicana, I could hear over the T.V., was awful, it was even being mentioned in the tweets by the reporters at the Tropicana. (3) Baseball should not be played in a domed stadium.

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote