4/10 New York Yankees 10 @ Tampa Bay 0

What an amazing game. Just amazing. It was a no hitter until the 8th inning with C.C. Sabathia on the mound. He is an amazing pitcher with some great defense behind him. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira made diving catches. Mark caught every ball thrown to him. C.C. deflected a ball to Robinson who tossed it to, yes Mark. What I liked about that play is Robbie grabbed the ball threw to Mark without breaking a stride. He seems to be playing better this year. And then in the 8th inning it all ended. **sigh** Dave Robertson came in to finish the game, did not give up a run. So the game was not a No-No but still a shut out.

As you can see by the score, the offense was great, Robbie Cano got a two run home run and they just kept on going. Sometime during the game, Alex (our Alex, not A-Rod, he doesn’t live with us) came downstairs and said, “Did you let a couple of teenage girls in here? I heard screaming.” We laughed at him, then he said, “Could you stop screaming?” We both said, “Not till November.” He then informed his brother they would have to soundproof their room. They just don’t understand.

CIMG0007.jpgNow I suppose you are wondering why I have a craft picture on my Yankee blog. After the game yesterday I tweeted that I was going to sew then type my blog post. This is what I was sewing. However, it took me so long to finish, probably would have been quicker if I hadn’t been watching NCIS *giggle*, that I was too tired to blog. The reason I was making it is I need a bag to take to Yankee games. Something bigger then my purse but not so big they won’t let me bring it in. This bag should be perfect, I can take my two epi-pens, my wallet, my e-reader, my Palm Pre, my portable charger, my camera and my binoculars (camera and binoculars are small). So I am all set for Tuesday.

Did I forget to tell you? I GOT TICKETS FOR OPENING DAY!!!!

~~and that’s all~~ she wrote