Yankees 3, Boston Red Sox 1

The first series of the season is over and the Yankees are in the lead. I am happy but not crazy happy, it is still just April and there are 159 games to go. But it is a good start to the season. Friday they play the Tampa Bay Rays.  

Andy Pettitte was the starter, he did a good job only allowing 1 run in the 3rd inning, he did bean Youkilis in the 5th and then the start of the next inning John Lackey hit Derek Jeter. Neither player was injured, but it seems like the Ortne pitchers have been aiming for Derek. After six innings Chan Ho Park came in to pitch. In the 7th inning Jorge got on base and then Nick Swisher (AKA My Sweet Nicky) singled and Jorge scored. So the game was tied up at 1-1, and it stayed that way till the 10th inning.     
Curtis Granderson hit a long fly ball into the right field stands. Then Brett Gardner was walked. Derek Jeter was at bat, course Papelbon couldn’t really pay attention to Derek with Brett dancing up and down the base line. Someone should just tell these pitchers, ‘Look, he’s gonna steal second, just don’t worry about it and let him.” Sure enough he stole second, Derek walked. Next batter Mark Teixeira grounded out, Brett was crossing the plate at almost the same time and the ball was being scooped up to throw to first. 
With the score at 3-1, Mariano was called in to do his thing. And he did it, Granderson did his job, Gardner did his job and the Yankees walk away from their first series 2-1.
Someone on Twitter made this sign. I love it!
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Yankees 2-1