My 2 cents worth on fist pumping


Pretty in Pinstripes put up a post about fist pumping, it seems that people get annoyed when Joba does the fist pump. It got me thinking about all the others that do the very same thing. I remember watching Damaso Marte coming in for an inning, completing the inning with no runs scored and doing a fist pump. Here’s A.J. fist pumping. Every game I watched that the Yankees win, Derek Jeter would do a fist pump, in fact, I have a picture of him doing it, the picture was taken after a double play. Yeah a double play, I mean it was a beautiful double play, with a catch, a tag, a jumping throw, Derek ended up on his face in the dirt, he jumped up and fist pumped.


So why do people get so hyped up about Joba doing a fist pump? Especially last night when he came, pitched and did exactly what everyone wanted him to? I mean, there are things about him that annoy me, but that gesture, it seems everyone is doing it, so what’s the big deal?

Anyway, like the title says, this is just my two (2) cents worth.