Baseball is back

Last night was opening day for the Yankees and the Ortne, it was a fun game to watch, well except for the outcome. Kasey and I had fun mocking the other players. We both hate Kevin Youkilis (because he’s so damn good!)

The Yanks were up, then the Ortne were up, then the Yanks tied them, they went up, tied them again, game ended 9-7. But as everyone says, (well not everyone, just the smart people) it is one game, lets not get all crazy. While we certainly don’t want to lose the first eight games against them, if we get the same end result as last year … 
Highlights were Posada and Curtis Granderson had back to back homers, I believe I heard it was Posada’s fourth time getting a home run opening day, it was Curtis’ first at bat as a Yankee and then in the bottom of the inning he made a spectacular catch, jumping up and hitting the wall. Brett Gardner stole home. Yankee batters gave Josh Beckett a run for his money. None of the pitchers were doing that well last night. 
I told you I wanted to fix my earring before the game, when I picked them up to take them in my jewelry room, I dropped one piece and couldn’t find it. Grrr. I found it after the game and they are now fixed. If I was a superstitious person … but I’m not. 
Nick Swisher got a buzz cut, he looks like a hedgehog now, see? No, not those kind of hedge hogs.
These kind of hedge hogs.


~~and that’s all~~ she wrote
Yankees 0-1