Tomorrow Night! Can’t wait!


I am almost ready for opening day. I just have to fix my earrings. Then I will be glued here in front of my TV, with my laptop open waiting for great things to happen. And they will happen.

CC is starting against … Josh Beckett ace for ORTNE, they gave the first three game match ups during the game today but I don’t remember. I looked them up, A.J. Burnett faces Jon Lester on Tuesday and Andy Pettitte faces John Lackey Wednesday. I don’t know why they put it that way, its not like the pitchers actually pitch against each other. Well I guess they do.

I printed our tickets off and gave Kasey’s hers. I also ordered another pair of earrings, a headband and a World Series t-shirt. I have a sweat shirt hoodie, but not a t-shirt. I really can’t wait! 

~~and that’s all ~ she wrote ~~