Tomorrow Night! Can’t wait!


I am almost ready for opening day. I just have to fix my earrings. Then I will be glued here in front of my TV, with my laptop open waiting for great things to happen. And they will happen.

CC is starting against … Josh Beckett ace for ORTNE, they gave the first three game match ups during the game today but I don’t remember. I looked them up, A.J. Burnett faces Jon Lester on Tuesday and Andy Pettitte faces John Lackey Wednesday. I don’t know why they put it that way, its not like the pitchers actually pitch against each other. Well I guess they do.

I printed our tickets off and gave Kasey’s hers. I also ordered another pair of earrings, a headband and a World Series t-shirt. I have a sweat shirt hoodie, but not a t-shirt. I really can’t wait! 

~~and that’s all ~ she wrote ~~


Looking at the schedule

The Yankees are currently in Tampa, they play a game today. Then they fly to Boston to play ‘Our Rival Team in New England’ (from now on will be referred to as ORTNE), they play Sunday (opening day), then Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a travel day and Friday they play in Tampa Florida. They play Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Tampa. Then fly back up north to play the home opener on April 13th. That’s a lot of back and forth flying!

I think I want their frequent flyer miles.

~~and that’s all she wrote~~