Not a good day for the Yankees

Yesterday (Saturday, as they kept saying in the paper, except it was that day which always confuses me) was Francisco Cervelli’s birthday, he celebrated by getting beaned. I don’t think he planned that. Kind of like when you go out to celebrate at a restaurant and end up getting sick from something you ate. You could say you celebrated by puking, but that is not what you planned.

He came back from the hospital before the end of the game saying he is fine, cat scan showed no bleeding, as Girardi says, ‘You don’t want to mess around with a concussion’. That’s not exactly what he said so it’s not really a quote, more of a paraphrase. He got a concussion last November, so he really needs to be careful. Good thing he was wearing his helmet.

The Yankees got creamed by the Blue Jays, some of you may not like that word, but that is exactly what happened. Nick Swisher tweeted late yesterday asking, What do you do today? I almost replied, watched you get your asses handed to you by the Jays. Except I didn’t watch it, just kept track on the computer.

Today they go to Ft. Myers to play the Twins.
Francisco Cervelli on Twitpic

~~and that’s all she wrote~~