I was so excited! and I am such a dork!

It started when I got an e-mail from yankees.com telling me that Joe Girardi was going to be at the AT&T store today. I told Kasey and she was all excited, but couldn’t go. I didn’t think I could go either. But the e-mail also said that there was going to be a drawing for Yankee stuff. So I figured I could go and at least fill out the form. After all, Time Square is just two subway stops or one quick shuttle ride from GCT.

When I got there the store wasn’t open so I got some tea at a cafe with the idea I could use their bathroom, out of order. So I went back to the AT&T store thinking I could hold it until they opened and I filled out an entry form. There was a woman waiting outside the store, I stood next to her and another woman walked up and asked, “Is the line (line? there were only two of us!) to see Joe Girardi?” and the first woman says, “Yes.” What? Well, you know what I decided right there and then!

JoeFBComment.JPGAfter the store opened they let us come inside. Good thing too cause it was COLD! So we sat around and chatted with each other. I had to confess this was my ‘first’ autograph, so I didn’t bring anything, should I have? I got worried because no one knew if there was going to be anything to sign or not. I had my Yankee backpack with me and decided I would use that if I had to. So I took everything out so it would be flat when he signed it, and I found a ring I had lost! Then someone told us that there were pictures of him holding the World Series trophy to sign if people didn’t bring anything. I was glad because my backpack is dirty and after he signed it I wouldn’t be able to wash it. Now I know to bring something to sign if I ever have this opportunity again.

IMG_0280.JPGThey had decorated the store with balloons, some just said Yankee, some were in the shape of baseball jerseys. You can see some of the shirt shaped balloons in this picture. And that guy smiling at the camera? He forgot his so I promised him to send him one I took. I hope he likes it.

Anyway, they came around with little bottles of water and little bags of popcorn and little bags of M&Ms. We also got wrist bands with numbers on them, so we could walk around and look at the phones while we waited and not lose our place in line. What else? Oh the woman behind me had to state (more then once) how much she hated Joe Girardi, thought he was a terrible manager and wished Joe Torre would come back. She was only there because “We collect autographs and pictures with celebrities.” I never found out who the we was. I did fight down an overpowering urge to hit or kick her.

Then Joe shows up, there was not a huge amount of people. I hope he wasn’t disappointed. Now comes the dork part. All the time I was waiting I was going over in my head things to say, ‘Congrats on winning the series.’ ‘Love your team.’ ‘See you next year when you win #28.’ So what actually happened? I walk up to the table, he looks up and sees I don’t have anything for him to sign so he grabs a picturefrom the stack, picks up the silver sharpie and signs “Joe Girardi, #27”, hands it to me and I say, “Thank you.” and leave. As I told Kasey on Facebook:

The woman behind me was also said Joe was mean at these autograph signings, but I found him to be quite nice, he smiled at me and said “You’re welcome.” after I thanked him. I did manage to get this picture.

So that was my excitement for the day. When my boss kept asking me where I was that morning I finally showed him this picture and he was excited too.

~~and that’s all she wrote~~ 

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