The bad and the good

Tigger and I were supposed to go to the city today. Kasey is in Florida visiting her family and I really miss her. So I planned to go to NYC so I wouldn’t miss her that much, and to go to places she doesn’t like to go. I asked Tigger to go with me and he said yes. I have looking forward to this all week. Then this morning he bailed on me. I posted about it on Facebook and we went back and forth. Me trying to make him feel guilty and him trying to convince me he had a good reason. He even said I could have taken Bob or gone by myself, but that is not what I planned and so it would not have been the same! 

The good thing about today was I was able to download the 2009 World Series from iTunes and watched Game 6. Game 6 was the game I missed most of because I went to church. The download doesn’t include the post-game, which I like to watch, but the games are commercial free so that is nice. 
~~and that’s all she wrote~~