Canyon of Heroes

That is what they call the route the parade goes. I was there, I was squished there were so many people. It was great!


This picture is from the NY Daily News website, we walked past this location trying to get where we were wanted to be, which we did not make it, too many people. (Note to self: Next year get to NYC earlier. What do you there might not be a parade next year? I refuse to believe it!) 

Of course this is what I saw from my vantage point.


Being only 5 feet tall means that when I held my camera up to get a shot I (a) couldn’t see what I was photographing and (b) since everyone else [who was already taller then me] who put their cameras up to get a shot got in my way. I did however manage to get this shot. 
That’s Robinson Cano in case you can’t recognize him and this lovely boy,


Johnny Damon, who just happens to be Sarah’s favorite, so she was happy to have it posted to her facebook wall.
I would have posted this sooner and had more to say about the parade, but I came down with the flu the weekend after so I have not been feeling up to posting. I am also depressed because . . . BASEBALL’s OVER!

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~