World Series Game 1

I did not post last night. I used the excuse that it was too late and I was too tired. The truth is I was just very upset, last nights game, first in the World Series was just awful, of course to you Phillies fans it was pretty good. By the end of the evening I decided I HATED THE PHILLIES. I put that in small print because I don’t want a reputation of being a hater, and I don’t really hate them, after all they just want to win, like the Yankees want to win. The truth of the matter is, and you can ask anyone that knows me really really well, I am afraid of life size stuffed animals. Seriously. When I am in Time Square and the walking Elmo is there, I cross the street. What does this have to do with the Phillies? Ever hear of Phillie Phanatic? Yep, a life size stuffed animal.

Part of being a fan for a team is that besides rooting for your team, you can not like the other team. I can admit that Lee pitched a phenomenal game, it does not change the fact that the Yankees are my team and I want my boys to win and Derek Jeter is still the HOTTEST THING IN PINSTRIPES (giggle).  As for the Yankees being down one game now, I am not too worried. After all in 1996, they dropped the first two games at home to the Braves and ended up winning the World Series in six.   They can do it again.

So as it stands right now,
World Series 2009
Phillies 1, Yankees 0

~~and that’s all she wrote~~