Yankees win their 40th AL pennant

The game was rained out Saturday and it started Sunday while we were on the road driving back from Buffalo. Andy kept telling me not to read my text alerts while I was driving. Whatever.

First alert I read was end of the third Angels 1, Yankees 0. Booo! I don’t remember if I got home after the Yankees got 3 runs or while they were doing. I know Andy was still pitching, I watched as he walked off the field and lifted his cap to the fans. End of the fourth inning was Yankees 3, Angels 1. everything was good. Joe decided to have Mariano Rivera come in for the eight inning. After the game when asked by a reporter what that meant to him he said, “Means, I have to get 6 outs.”
Eighth inning the Angels got another run, broke Mariano’s record. Bottom of the eighth, Cano walked, Swisher bunted – for a sacrifice, but the Angel player dropped the ball, Swisher was replaced with Gardner,  then Melky Cabrera bunted and the pitcher made a throwing error, Cano scored. With Gardner (or the roadrunner as we call him here) on third and Melky on third, Mark Teixeira hits a sacrifice fly and Gardner scores. Yankees 5, Angels 2.
Top of the ninth and Mariano comes back and 3 more outs. My favorite moment of the game, (I’m not usually this sappy) Rivera strikes out Gary Matthews Jr. to win the series. Rivera walks toward home plate, Posado comes out and they hug, it was like, “We did it!”
Watching the post game was fun, champagne showers for the Yankees!  

Picture from the NY Daily News