ALCS Game 5

Well what can I say about this game besides, ARGGG!

First A.J. gives up 4 runs. Then the Yankees come from behind in the 7th inning and get ahead by 2, then in the bottom of the 7th the Angels get 3 runs. Swisher had a chance to tie the game up and instead of a ground ball down the center, he popped up and was out. Game over Angels win. 
Ranting aside it was an exciting 7th inning, well half of it at least.  It was good to see Teixeira hitting the ball, he got a couple RBI’s or maybe just one. He is still making great defensive plays. 
Next game is tomorrow night back in New York and the forecast is for nasty weather. Not only that but Derek Jeter has a cold. So we will see if the game is played or not, I won’t be here, I am driving the kids to Buffalo to see their friend Sammy who got hit by a car a while back. That was one of the reasons I wanted them to win last night, another was because I want the ALCS to be over so they can rest up for the World Series.
So now the score is:
Yankees 3, Angels 2

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~