ALCS Game 4

This game I watched and until about the 5th inning it was kind of boring, Yanks got on base, didn’t score. C.C. Sabathia pitched 8 innings with only a little over 100 pitches and only 1 run by the Angels in the 5th inning. He was hot tonight. Kasey and I were sending text messages to each other about the game. We talk about each others “men” and say certain people should be pummeled. Who I think should be pummeled are some of the people who leave comments on the articles. They are either plain mean or ignorant.

Anyway, Alex got a home run in the 4th, that was the first run. Then in the fifth, as I mentioned about the game really started hopping. Alex got another home run with Teixeira on base so two more runs. 5-0 Yankees. Then Kendry Morales got a home run, the only run Sabathia allowed. 
Then in the sixth was the first successful double play by the Yankees. It wasn’t the first time they tried. One inning Cano caught the ball, tossed it to Jeter who tagged second and threw it to Teixeira, not in time. Runner was too fast. But still no runs for the Angels. Yankees 5, Angels 1.
In the top of the eighth Johnny Damon hit a home run with a man on base, going into the ninth inning the Yankees had a six run lead. Alex hit a double, then made it home on a throwing error, I forget who was batting (Yankees 8, Angels 1). Cano and Gardner made it on base, then Melky hit a ground ball to right field and they ran home. Man, Gardner is fast! When Cano was crossing home plate he was coming around third, and Cano was on third base! Alex was cheering in the dugout, you could hear him on the T.V. Chad Gaudin pitched the ninth inning and the game ended with a score of Yankees 10, Angels 1.
There were a couple of pretty bad calls by the umpires in this game. You can look on the site to read the articles about them. National league didn’t play tonight.
Yankees lead series 3-1
Phillies lead series 3-1
~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~